What We Do

Wave Representatives™ works directly with leading manufacturers to deliver an optimized technology stack for end users and channel partners.  WaveCloud™ builds on this by providing account discovery, personalized outreach and channel partner engagement to ensure end users and channel partners are equipped with relevant guidance for their applications.

Wave Representatives™ Your Best Partner™

Wave Representatives is known for representing high-quality, high-value manufacturers backed by timely and personable support. Building on our experience managing national channel partners and overseeing global brands, we developed WaveCloud™ exclusively for manufacturers partners.

Why Wave Representatives?

Whether you’re launching a new product, need accurate end user data for your account based marketing initiatives, need to drive pipeline growth or want to engage more Channel Partners, WaveCloud™ has your needs covered.


Today’s customers want real interaction from sales and marketing organizations, Wave Representatives WaveCloud™ provides a personal person-to-person interaction.


We believe in leading the market not following.  Out-of-the-box thinking and bold action is what differentiates Wave Representatives from all others.


Our name is on everything we do and represent. Which is why we only partner with the right manufacturers to ensure compatibility with our company values and culture.