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WaveCloud™ Customer Success Platform

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WaveCloud™ delivers powerful Marketing Intelligence, Customer Outreach, Lead Management and Channel Enablement. Developed exclusively for Manufacturers, WaveCloud™ was designed for modern sales and marketing teams.


Accurate and relevant data is critical for modern sales and marketing initiatives.  WaveCloud™ provides busy sales teams with needed account and contact research, project discovery, marketing intelligence, contact validation and personal event promotion.


SDaaS – Sales Development as a Service.  Today’s sales teams are always on, with little time for prospecting.  By leveraging WaveCloud™ our end user focused outreach and lead qualification capabilities can help your sales team build pipeline and have more time to focus on active sales.


Our channel development component completes the circle for new projects and keeps your partners engaged with your brand.  Our team will help track projects with your channel partners making accurate forecasting easier for your reps.

Three Exclusive Features For Corporate and Enterprise Customers

Account / Contact Validation

Keeping accurate contact and account data isn’t easy, which is why WaveCloud™ includes active account and contact validation in addition to creation with Corporate Edition and above.  With relevant, validated connections, you’ll be able to confidently deliver content.

Event Assist

Drastically increase your return on investment for trade shows and special events with immediate follow up.  Statistics prove the longer the delay before person-to-person follow up the less likely they will become your customer.  Research data reveals that the majority of event leads are never followed up on by salespeople.

Market Intelligence

Our Corporate and Enterprise clients receive actionable market intelligence to help them with company marketing strategies and competitive analysis. Over time, our research provides you with the necessary edge when with projects and new product releases.

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